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An old one but the chapter on Foucault is especially relevant for you, being written by one of Althusser's (and Canguilhem's) students, Dominique Lecourt, at the time when The Archaeology of Knowledge was Foucault's latest book

Dominique Lecourt, Marxism and Epistemology, New Left Books, London, 1975.

The introduction for English readers also distinguishes clearly between Bachelardian epistemology and conventionalism.

On 28/09/2010, at 5:00 PM, Zulfiqar Ali Philosophy wrote:

I have recently finished my Ph. D. work on Foucault in relation to Marx. I
am looking for major critiques on the issue of *epistme *and on the major
argument of The Order of Things. I request all of you to kindly identify the
books or articles in this regard.

Zulfiqar Ali
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