[Foucault-L] power, logics, power, evolution and balance

the truth, is truth, only because it is power.
the power, is power, only because it is the truth

concidering Obama has "power" over military, but can not control nor military nor objectives in ecology, economy or politics
he has no power
but no one has?!
someone controls an industry, a variety of profits dictate a solution, the profit of the industry, but also the wisdom or lack thereof of the buyer. a commercial agency controls the wisdom of the buyer. or lack thereof
someone controls the military
someone controls, the guns.

suppose someone has
the total power, military and economic?
then what does he have?
his own personality would see benefit for the earth, which in most terms, is, fatal, in obama's terms, is, rather innocent.
now you need advice, because everyone thinks, you don't have the power, if you are such a fuckup.
now from all this advice, there has to crystalize one remedy or solution.
that would be "the power" since, it would be the future and how to work onwards.

now lets work opposite
what if someone has the truth, but not the practical power?
the truth would be, the progress, to own the future.
if no one has truth, and the only future is the one you have
then you have by definition the power.
if they steal THAT, and kill you?
they are probably, going to fuck it up big time
and everything turns to chaos.
exept if we determine
the most just and intelligent, gets to that spot, and just leads on, where the poor man previously picked up
how many will be there?
you see?
once you got it
you got it once
then it will always fuck up from there

concidering i had a white dove at my window once
you can clone me, tell me my whole story, and probably, i can understand, myeah, i worked for this entire world that you now have
if i did n't work for it? but was given it a second time?
am i going to be spoiled?
and if you do kill me? could you IF you clone me, also clone, jean delville, andre breton, michel foucault, and some others who were intelligent?
you people really are hard to make something be understood.

you can easily see, that, power, therefore, any physical force, or any money amount, is not power.
truth, a plan, a vision, is power.
if you corrupt that, with force, the future? who will agree with you?
if one shall kill with the force, one shall be killed with the force. and that for an eternity. but much future, you can not get from that.

the intelligent, can reason with the intelligent
the force, only reasons with the force.

if you get one intelligent person
and a staff of five hundred
to solve all the plans
you got a solution
if you got one intelligent
and he is killed
five hundred will come and kill him.

if that is me.
i am future
total destruction
and that
at a ratio of five hundred
proceeding to, five hundred times five hundred
and so on

the reason that that is so
and you can't analyze foucault for a more million years like that you do now
is because
the fish will be dead, in two years
the evolution will be disturbed
at that point
the ocean starts to rot
and spreads poison
and maybe
to cut the rainforests in 15 years
and start to cannibalize eachother
the poson will be first
in which case
you will be very lucky.
and if you stop with foucault
and understand me
maybe you can be luckyer.

as an ancient old problem is the squaring of the circle, as a rate of balance you can say, the plate, a line and balanced, falls, a three pod, does n't topple left or right, but is not as steady, a square, is steadier, five, even more steady, six, and so on, untill, the circle, that can't be toppled, untill, full ration of weight rests on not two points, but one point. definition of balance.
* * *  line and circle as volume are, opposites in balance, line and circle as fields, are opposites of measures, line and circle as sphere are, an infinatly large line, and an infinatly large sphere. seems to me, 3.13ETC is reality itself.

 because the line, nor the circle, can be treu, that means all our culture, all our religions, all our mathematics even, is relative.
*  luckily

 or you would all be right now


and new ideas would just, be among your ideas right?

then how progress?
*  line and circle ARE fiction
* so, line, circle, maths, clothes, stories, philosophy, fiction, are, fiction

if this is about, truth. or power? why would one, be discussing spelling? souvereign states yes or no? pouvoir? 
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