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He discusses the Renaissance as one of the periods in his *The Order of

To some extent it depends on which Renaissance you mean, and how focused
you need to be on the Renaissance as a cultural movement: he discusses the
early seventeenth century a great deal in *Discipline and Punish* but not *
qua* Renaissance. *Madness and Civilization* also "starts" early enough to
count as "Renaissance" for some European countries.

All best,
Liza Blake

On Fri, Jul 13, 2012 at 12:56 PM, loic@xxxxxxxxxx <loic@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> France, Normandie,
> Hello everybody,
> My english is very bad, so I d write in french trying to translate a
> question:
> Où puis-je trouver chez Foucault des textes relatifs à la Renaissance?
> Car je sais qu'il y en a, mais je ne connais pas encore bien cet auteur.
> Where could I find in Foucault's corpus some texts about Renaissance? I
> know there are some, but I don't know this author very well.
> (I try this too: Ubi sunt in Foucaldi litteris verba de XVI saeculo ?
> Scio eum de eo scripsisse, sed non hunc scriptorem satis cognosco)
> Thanks , have a good day.
> loic
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