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On 08/08/2012 09:00, Karskens, M.L.J. (Machiel) wrote:
Dear Kevin
I think you are completely right.
The French word |les| does certainly not refer to |what they have
thought| but most likely to |the things said|. However, |les| could
also refer to |men| in French|les hommes|. But the rest of the phrase,
where |les| is twice used again, makes it very clear that it are |the
things said|.
Lateron in the Archeology of Knowledge these things said will be called statements

machiel karskens

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I have yet another translation question. This time in comes from the
'Preface' to "Birth of the Clinic."

The original French reads:

'Ce qui compte dans les choses dites par les hommes, ce n'est pas
tellement ce qu'ils auraient pensé en deçà ou au-delà d'elles, mais
qui d'entrée de
jeu les systématise...' (NC: xv)

The published English translation reads:

'What counts in the things said by men is not so much what they may
have thought or the extent to which these things represent their
thoughts, as
that which systematizes them from the outset...' (BC: xix)

To me, this makes it sound like what is systematised from the outset
is thought and not the things said by men.

Would this passage be better translated as

"What counts in the things said by men, it is not so much what they
have thought below or beyond the things said, but that which
systematizes the
things said from the outset..."

Thus making what is systematised from the outset not thought but
is said.


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