Re: a-legal distribution

Tom Blancato writes:
>Just a thought, or a wish: some of us don't have much money. Like me. Gee
>it would be great if you could get all these new exciting texts on e-mail for
>free. Is something possible along these lines? I.e., working with authors
>to have them release e-mail version of their texts to certain recipients, etc.

Well, in order for this to be possible, two conditions would have to apply:
1) first of all, the author would either have to hold all the rights his or
her book (which is not very likely, if the work has been published in a
form which has even a remote chance of reaching even a miniscule section of
the reading public) or, if they don't hold all the rights, then the author
would have to be able to convince the publishing company to allow the text
to be given away 2) both the author and the publishing company would have
to be convinced of the humanitarian benefits of giving away their product
(not very likely since most publishing companies are not charities).
As far as "quoting" the whole text, yeah, right!
Of course, no one's stopping anybody from typing in the text and sending it
off to all of us anonymously...but then I guess one of us would have to buy
the book and spend about 800 or 900 hours typing...but then I guess whoever
bought and typed could ask everybody for a contribution, maybe about
$14.95?????? :)


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