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<from Kristin Switala>

Dear Lynne,
You asked about references which connect Foucault and the media.
Well, the poststructuralist you need to examine specifically is Jean
Baudrillard. He is the postmodern media man! The book to start with is
JEAN BAUDRILLARD: SELECTED WRITINGS, edited by Mark Poster. Poster has
written numerous articles about Baudrillard (and Foucault), but from a
Marxist perspective (which lends an interesting twist). Anyway,
Baudrillard addresses all different aspects of media and its effects on
postmodern society. It's fascinating (albeit difficult) stuff and I
highly recommend it.
Foucault on media is a more difficult question. I'll have to
look at my files. I'll get back to you ASAP.

Kristin Switala

Email: kswitala@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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