Camille Paglia

I asked this question a long time ago and got no reply, but perhaps someone on
the list now will know the answer. Does anyone remember a Camille Paglia
article which I'm almost certain was in the NY Times, circa December 1991 or so,
which was perhaps the most irresponsible "critique" of
postmodern/post-structuralist thought to ever issue forth from anyone? Anyone
who read the piece would, I am sure, remember it. It contained some little bit
about Camille's dear uncle being shot up on the beaches of Normandy fighting to
free France, and now look at what those Frenchies have done to us.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has a more exact reference to this article. I
ask out of curiosity, certainly NOT because I'm a Paglia fan. It was -- because
of it's ineptitude -- a rather amusing read.



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