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Mon cher Hector,

You can find many texts relative to Lacan in the Foucault's _Dits et
Ecrits_ (the sum of all his interview and texts), specially in the tome I
(p.73, 168, 199, 447, 514, 516, 585, 653, 665, 812-821) tome II (780, 782,
814), tome III (590) and tome IV (52, 59, 182, 198-200, 204-205, 435,

Some of them are only a short mention of Lacan, others are critiques
of Foucault to Lacan challenge. Foucault particularly affectionate the
_Anti-Oedipe_ of Gilles Deleuze often quoted his radical critiques of the

Au plaisir!

Université Laval
Département de science politique
Québec, Canada


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