re: ethnography and foucault

caveat to all: this in response to andrew, which i would do
direct/personally but i see not his email address....
sorry for the inconvenience to everyone.

hello, andrew, sorry for the delay in responding, but yes please, send a
prospectus. I am not sure how i would access it via netscape -- does that
mean you send it as an attached htm file? i too am on eudora for windows so
i no not if that complicates your electronic sending this. but please. do so.

As for me, I am an anthropologist and have sought to work on ethical
dilemmas of doing ethnography and have found the notion of specific
intellectual to be useful in negotiating such problems. on the postcolonial
list there was a discussion of foucault and whether he was a latent
enlightenment humanist and how that related to issues of doing postcolonial
work/theory/research -- i mention this because it seems to connect to the
topic of "ethnography and foucault." I have been trying to revise an
article for journal submission that deals with ethics and ethnography in
which i develop a literal and metaphoric understanding of fieldwork practice
as espionage. oh, and i work on the interface/ historical complicity between
anthorpology, tourism, and national culture in the context of mexico and
specifically the yucatec maya. so, thats me.

lookiing forward to receiving the prospectus.


At 07:57 AM 3/11/96 -0600, you wrote:
>I would be happy to send you a copy of the prospectus which is just
>now being sent to publihsres. Do you use Netscape or Eudora for
>Mac? I f so, I can just e-mail the document. Otherwise, snail-mail
>is your purgatory.
>Tellme what you interst in the Foucault/genealogy/ethnogrpahy
>confluence is?
>Andrew Herman

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