Fpucault in Mexico

Hi Atefeh

> How come F. isn't hot in Mexico? It's because they are critical of
>him or he isn't an issue anymore/yet?
Well. in fact intellectuals interested in Foucault's work are a minory.
recently a friend of mine published a book related to Fouaults work
Oscar Martiarena
Mihel foucault: historiador de la subjetividad (M.F. History of the
El equilibrista, M=E9xico, 1995.

>I guess if Mexico goes under a revolution, Foucaldien approach to the=
>will be borne out of the abus of the power which is ritual of all
>revolutions. So much for my prophecy! It happened to my country! =20

Well in my opinion a revolution (an armed one) is almost imposibble in
Mexico. The struture of politic power in Mexico is what Vargas Llosa called
"the perfect dictatorship". For instance the EZLN turned last election not
to the left (PRD) but to the right (PAN) The people were afraid of the
possibilities tran left implies.

>And could you please tell me where I could get "correct" and "accurate"
>news about what is happening in your country? (I mean News not=

I can reccomend you La Jornada a News paper edited in Mexico. They have a
page in WWW.

>Bonne Chance avec la these

"Gracias a la vida, que me ha dado tanto"
Hector Escobar Sotomayor


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