Re: Fpucault in Mexico

Hi Hector

Why do you think that revolution should only be an "armed one" ? Beside
any drastic change of rulling power could birng up the foucaldien....
Talk to you latter.


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>Hi Atefeh
>> How come F. isn't hot in Mexico? It's because they are critical of
>>him or he isn't an issue anymore/yet?
>Well. in fact intellectuals interested in Foucault's work are a minory.
>recently a friend of mine published a book related to Fouaults work
>Oscar Martiarena
>Mihel foucault: historiador de la subjetividad (M.F. History of the
>El equilibrista, M=E9xico, 1995.
>>I guess if Mexico goes under a revolution, Foucaldien approach to the=
> power
>>will be borne out of the abus of the power which is ritual of all
>>revolutions. So much for my prophecy! It happened to my country! =20
>Well in my opinion a revolution (an armed one) is almost imposibble in
>Mexico. The struture of politic power in Mexico is what Vargas Llosa called
>"the perfect dictatorship". For instance the EZLN turned last election not
>to the left (PRD) but to the right (PAN) The people were afraid of the
>possibilities tran left implies.
>>And could you please tell me where I could get "correct" and "accurate"
>>news about what is happening in your country? (I mean News not=
> propaganda!)
>I can reccomend you La Jornada a News paper edited in Mexico. They have a
>page in WWW.
>>Bonne Chance avec la these
>"Gracias a la vida, que me ha dado tanto"
>Hector Escobar Sotomayor


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