Re: Fpucault in Mexico

>Hector [a veces vio que esta escrito Hictor, pero imagino que es con "e" --
>si o no? disculpe.]:

No problem I is H=E9ctor (e) I'dont know why sometimes it appear with (i)=
>I do not agree with your statement here:
>>Well in my opinion a revolution (an armed one) is almost imposibble in
>>Mexico. The struture of politic power in Mexico is what Vargas Llosa=
>>"the perfect dictatorship". For instance the EZLN turned last election not
>>to the left (PRD) but to the right (PAN) The people were afraid of the
>>possibilities tran left implies.
>It is not that the EZLN made the everyday mexican vote to the right, it was
>the PRI that threatened in the myriad of ways it can do so, the citizens to
>vote in its favor yet again. =20

Yes you are right it wasn't my aim mean that. I mean that the possibility of
an armed forde (EZLN) impressed public opinion as a possibility of disorder.
In fact as you state, the mass media tried to present an image of EZLN as
proleftifts or comunnist and to vinculate them with left as PRD. Obviously
this worked.

>the overwhelming support for the EZLN in DF and elsewehere cannot be
discarded like an illusion of ideological manuevering.

I'm not so sure of that. I know EZLN is viewed as a liberation movement but
its real forces are not as big as people in other countries may suppose. Its
force is primary a political one, not an armed one. Marcos has demonstrated
to be an smart politician more than a "guerrillero"=20

THE PRI yet again controlled the vote and the electoral process. Are you
going to tell me that there was no fraud? no intimidation
>of the voters? no activation of the very real and immmediate mechanisms of
>enforcing the party line in the countryside?=20

Yes of ourse there was manipulationand frauds. But in fact people voted to
PRI and to PAN not to PRD (PRD got the half voters than in 1988). The
reasons are many. manipulation, the idea of a country going to first world,
SOLIDARIDAD, etc. But mexican people had the image of a crisis and they
associated it to left (EZLN, PRD) Also the murderer of Colosio helped to
stablish this idea of a left as a danger.
For instance some political analysts in PRD as Carlos Aguilar Zinzer
(coordinator of Cardenas presidential campaing (im not sure of this word))
points to this as a prejudicial effect on PRD voters.

the SOLARIDAD programs
>dispersed rural antagonisms and reconsolidated the extension of the state's
>apparatus into the rural sectors. Certainly, in places such as yucatan,=
>EZLN did not/has not gained much suport as a military movememnt and only=
>is gaining political party support -- but, in such a place the ezln did not
>cause a shift from left to right; on the contrary the official RIght (PAN)
>continued to maintain STRONG suppport against the official Left (PRI).

Yes i agree too. In fact in Tabasco people voted to PRD and there was a
tremendous fraud to make win to MAdrazo. But in Yucatan PAN won (right). In
fact I think PRI has tried to be far from left in the last two sexenies, and
tries to present itself as a center and demoratical option against right
(PAN) and left (PRD).

"Gracias a la vida, que me ha dado tanto"
Hector Escobar Sotomayor


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