archaeology was Bad Writing?

Stuart says

>a little, AK is torturous, and F spends more time explaining what he is
not>doing, than what he is. That said, I think it's one of his most
rewarding>books, and with Birth of the Clinic, one of the most

Great to see another Archaeology of Knowledge fan - it was the book that
originally got me interested in Foucault - I agree it is a very
rewarding book partiuclarly if one is interested in historiography. But
I think Raymond Roussel would have to be Foucault's least read book
(with good reason I might add)!! I agree Birth of the Clinic is
neglected - I have seen people in the health related areas referring to
Disicpline and Punish when a reference to Birth of the Clinic would have
been much more helpful.


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