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>While we talk about Foucualt and prisons, I was curious if Foucault
personally has done any writing critiqueing the education system. I
know he makes references to it in Discipline and
>Punish, but is there a specific piece of literature focused on the
Education system.

There are a couple of paragraphs in a radio interview which took place
in 1975 and which has been published in English translation somewhere -
does anyone else have the precise reference here? In this foucault talks
about how boring school makes knowledge but that if schools made
knowledge as interesting as sex people would be beating down the doors -
but the whole point is to make knowledge boring so as to keep people
away from it.

If not, does anyone know of any authors who apply Foucualt
philosophies to a critiqueing of the
>education system. I ordered two recent books by Thomas Popkewitz, but
i am looking for more reading. Thanks in advance.

There is actaully now quite a large literature on Foucault and
education. A book of essays edited by Stephen Ball titled Foucault and
Education was the first to appear - there is a book by James Marshall
(see Amazon Books catalogue), there is a substantial section on
education in the book I edited titled Foucault: The Legacy (see my
website in my signature below). (Thee is other useful stuff in relation
to education on my links page as well) the Philosophy of Education
website at turns up a
lot on foucault when you search for articles on Foucault

There is also a special interest group on foucault and education in the
American Educational Research Association at

All of this is only a fraction of what is available at present.


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