Re: History of...

Travis wrote:

>Foucault wrote the history of madness, the medical
>gaze, the prison system, sexuality. I have read that
>his next work, if he had lived, was going to be a
>history of war, the institutions of war and the
>military dimension of society. I thought that other
>topics that would be prime for Foucauldian study would
>be the history of death, dreams, eroticism, and
>marriage. I would like to know what everyones
>thoughts are concerning what histories of... would
>yield the most interesting results if looked at from a
>Foucauldian perspective.
>Travis Ennis

What lept to mind is something I have been thinking about quite a bit
lately: a history of human suffering. I've also thought that a
phenomenology of human suffering would be a worthy project.
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