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>Gee, if you realy was aware about Foucault you should
>know that all foucault did was philosophy, all his
>work is philosophical. the terms biopower have nothing
>to do with sense you try to put it in. Biopower means
>the way that the power in the west hugs and rules the
>life - the body and its life: its sexuality, the space
>of the body, the details of its life

Foucault also admitted that though these forms of control had their historical
origin in the West they are hardly limited to them. This comes out, for
example, when he answers attacks that he cannot differentiate Western liberal
states from totalitarian ones because the disciplinary forms of power he
identifies exist in both types of state. Really, to suggest that Foucault's
writings say nothing about life outside the West, or that his ontology of
power cannot say anything about life outside the West, is ludicrous.



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