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You are exactly and precise, and right. I dont know
why You should hate to agree with me, its a slang, i
Guys, you know the good brasilian band "Sepultura"?
Yes, i know, you dont. But those guys had a song named
"war for teritory". So the video of the song was: the
singer lies in the dirt of the dead sea in Israel and
sings "war for teritory" - that is what it is in
Israel - war for teritory . Nothing more. Absolutely
nothing much : no racisms, nationalisms, ethnicisms,
wierd stuff.

--- spider <spider@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> newidder writes:
> >> Remember this : racism was invented in the
> >>west, to the rest of the world it is unknown.
> >The term racism may have been invented in the west,
> and the normalizing
> forms
> >of categorization maybe as well, but so what? It
> has been adapted very
> easily
> >elsewhere.
> >>The
> >>ethnic cleansing and the racism is invented and
> >>belongs to the culture of the west,
> >Of course, there's no such thing as a non-Western
> genocide (Cambodia,
> Turkey).
> >> so the west wants
> >> to recognise in the rest of the wrold some
> racism,
> >> without to think about the fact , that the rest
> of the
> >> world is completely disaware about the meaning of
> it.
> >In this modern/postmodern world it is ludicrous to
> think that no one else
> >understands the meaning of the word. In any event,
> self-defense of the
> >nation-state, the idea of ownership of the land (it
> was my ancestor's) and
> the
> >like are also "Western inventions." Zionism was a
> western movement, and
> one
> >that in certain ways was forced upon non-Western
> Jews.
> ---------------------------------
> Much as I hate to agree with Jivko, it does seem he
> has a point - although
> perhaps we'd be better off thinking in terms of
> 'identity politics' being
> invented in the west, whereupon it is easier to see
> that all the struggles
> that are being mentioned, including 'self-defence of
> the nation-state'
> (eugh!), the 'right' to practice ones religion
> freely, (and let's not forget
> the genocides in Chile, Rwanda, etc, etc, etc...) do
> indeed owe a lot to
> Western colonial and philosophical disseminations
> (that are still
> continuing)...
> On a more general note, the only indication that
> there are any philosophers
> subscribed to this list that I have seen have come
> from the performances of
> cwduff (and a couple of others less consistent) - so
> let's see more such
> affirmation, and less pointless bickering.
> Up the duff!
> ;-)
> -----------------------------------
> 'Thus formless is not only an adjective having a
> given meaning, but a term
> that serves to bring things down in the world,
> generally requiring that each
> thing have its form. What it designates has no
> rights in any sense and gets
> itself squashed everywhere, like a spider or an
> earthworm.' - Bataille

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