RE: arabs ana hanums

> If you can't see how biopower relates to
> nationalism, I don't know what to
> tell you.
neither do i, sorry. I cant see such thing, honestly.
The nationalism was a question foucault never cared
about. But my research showed me that "ethnic
cleansing, nationalism, bla, bla, bla" is on the first
page of every western newspapper and magazin. And i
say to myself : wow!! whats wrong with these guys?
Than i figure out a paradox: the world, for which the
national borders doesnt exist anymore, and in which
everyone is nomore of his own race, this world has as
a main issue the nationalism and ethnic cleansing -
this western world is forcing, through the help of the
weapon, the other world to confest that he, the
biggest part of the world, is a Nazi and he is doing
the ethnic cleansing, when in fact most of the world
doesnt know what that means. Isnt that crazy?

Assertion of rights and authorship? How Foucauldian
> is this?

--- newidder <N.E.Widder@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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> foucault@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx =====
> >Calm down.
> Some of us are calm when writing this.
> >Let me most of all say, that Michel Foucault has
> >never, absolutely never dealed with any questions
> of
> >nation, nationalism and so on ,these were never
> among
> >his problems. never.
> >I am of a nationality, which has suffered for 500
> >years under the turkish tirany, so i have the right
> to
> >say whatever i want about the arabs. they are
> always a
> >trouble.
> >"... Goodness,
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