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>> If you can't see how biopower relates to
>> nationalism, I don't know what to
>> tell you.
>neither do i, sorry. I cant see such thing, honestly.
>The nationalism was a question foucault never cared
>about. But my research showed me that "ethnic
>cleansing, nationalism, bla, bla, bla" is on the first
>page of every western newspapper and magazin. And i
>say to myself : wow!! whats wrong with these guys?
>Than i figure out a paradox: the world, for which the
>national borders doesnt exist anymore, and in which
>everyone is nomore of his own race, this world has as
>a main issue the nationalism and ethnic cleansing -
>this western world is forcing, through the help of the
>weapon, the other world to confest that he, the
>biggest part of the world, is a Nazi and he is doing
>the ethnic cleansing, when in fact most of the world
>doesnt know what that means. Isnt that crazy?

It is one thing to point out that Western newspapers and politicians often try
to suggest that the rest of the world is where ethnic cleansing is going on in
order to resecure its own identity and sense of superiority even more. It is
another to say that the phenomenon of ethnic cleansing is not a worthy topic
of debate on the Foucault list. Most of the more intelligent commentators in
the West have already pointed out the hypocrisy of suggesting that genocides
could only occur elsewhere in some alien place. Many of these people use
Foucault in making that point.

Stuart Elden has already pointed out where nationalism is a concern to

>Assertion of rights and authorship? How Foucauldian
>> is this?

It isn't Foucauldian. That was my point. Asserting these the way you did
imply that you either don't know your Foucault very well, or don't seem
interested to apply the themes of the death of the author to yourself.



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