RE: translation nightmare

L?Herméneutique du sujet: Cours au Collège de France (1981-1982). By Michel
Foucault, edited by Frédéric Gros. Pp. xi, 546, Paris, Gallimard/Seuil,
2001, ?24.39.

I wrote a 2000 word review of this a while back, forthcoming with The
Heythrop Journal. I can send a copy to anyone interested.

The book is due to be translated, and Richard Lynch is to be its translator
(on last information). It may take some time - the only other lecture course
published took over 5 years to appear.

As for Clare's initial translation question - it is indeed a problem, but
the context does make it clear what is intended (i think). It's not quite
the Archaeology of Knowledge distinction between the two, as the constrast
is savoir de spiritualite, but knowing how Foucault worked previously is
probably useful.

Did I like the course? Yes, in that it was more interesting than Vols 2 and
3, and that it gave some interesting hints about what Foucault was doing
with Christianity before his death. It's more about techniques of the self
rather than sexuality, as Foucault initially suggested Le souci de soi would
be about. But I didn't think it was nearly as interesting or important as
the two other lecture courses from the mid 1970s, but that may just
highlight my greater interest in that period of Foucault's work. I think the
abandoned History of Sexuality project was more interesting than the
unfinished one.


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