Re: translation nightmare

My understanding leads me to perceive this as meaning to really know what
you think you know (to know with substance). Recall, 'know what they do

Perhaps people may simply be blinded by the dominant discourse in their
environment. Reflecting on what Foucault once said in private to Dreyfus
and Rabinow (1983, p. 187), perhaps people are unaware of their
self-interest (or other prejudices).

?People know what they do; they frequently know why they do; but what they
don't know is what they do does.?

Dreyfus, H. and P. Rabinow 1983, Michel Foucault, Beyond Structuralism and
Hermenutics, Chicago University Press, Chicago

Similar to Robert Anton Wilson in Nature's God:

?Intellectual laziness and common sense are the same thing. Common sense is
just the tradename of the firm?.


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>Subject: translation nightmare
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>How about this for a translation nightmare! : 'savoir de connaissance' (p.
>296 L'hermeneutique de soi). Both words translate into English as
>knowledge. Anybody else read this book? I like it a lot better than vols 2
>and 3 of History of Sexuality.
>Clare O'Farrell
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