Re: Foucault and the analytical philosophy of action

> I'd be very interested Francois if you could elaborate on what you say about
> the links between Foucault and APA in the Archaeology of Knowledge.
> MArk

Well, I probaly know even less than you on APA - since I can't even establish
the specificities of APA in relation to AP!

But I can certainly direct your attention to the section of the Archaelogy
where Foucault tries to distinguish his conception of the enonce vis-a-vis "les
analystes' and their speech acts theory: it is in the 'L'enonce et l'archive'
section... you can see that the question of the speech act theory enters quite
fast in his presoccupations as he mentions it for the first time on the 3rd
page of the section.

I have to admit that the discussion becomes tenebrous for me at some point...
but I don't feel so bad about it because I think I remember even Deleuze being
a little ironic towards Foucault's effort to distinguish his position from
that of 'les analystes'. If I find where this was and Deleuze's argument his
illuminating, I'll forward it. But if you can clarify some of the ideas and
issues set forth by Foucualt, please do so I'm interested.


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