RE: Problematizing

Antony, I think psychology and Foucaultian projects emerged in different
epoch; I am not ready to judge whether one is more valid/ possible than the
other discipline.

Psychology emerged out of a modern society that demands progress and "secular
knowledge" that are then used to construct and organize "reality".
Foucaultian projects more or less reflect and feed to (or construct) the
post-modern attitude that express distrust over metanarratives. I think of
dispersal and discontinuity as, more or less, a marker of Foucault's time.


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>Cordelia, I think the difference between psychology and what Foucault tried
>to do is that psychology was a unifying discipline whereas Foucault's work
>dealt with dispersal and discontinuity.
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>Hi Antony
>I think you have a good point, and I would love to see more comments on how
>successful Foucault is perceived to be. However, "human behavior" is no
>complex than domination mechanism; but that never stopped human from
>the discipline called "psychology".
>I personally think Foucault has not yet created a complete map, just like
>philosophy has not draft out a coherent map of "truth" and "wisdom"; and
>psychologist have not completely mapped "animal behabiors". It wouldn't hurt
>to try though - I mean, the more we know about the particular subject, the
>more we can control, discipline, surveillance and organize the society
>"utopia", we all agree, yes? (please don't take me seriously)
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>>I imagine that he set himself an impossible task - mapping out the
>>of domination in all its complexity - did he not think this was beyond him
>>as to do so would be to impose a macro representation on what were
>>essentially disparate and dispersed micro practices?
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>>I can't remember, he might have rejected the theorist label, but Foucault
>>morph'ed so many times in his career, it's hard to say he never was a
>>theorist. Besides ... just because he claims he is not one, doesn't mean
>>is more right than those who label him as such ;-) (for that matter,
>>also, at some point, rejected the "philosopher" label, the "anarchist"
>>among others)
>>Back to "problematize"... I seem to recall Foucault saying that he refuse
>>be part of the "politics", and that his role is to map out the mechanism of
>>domination in all its complexity in order to provoke resistance and doubts
>>uncertainties. He also claim that his goal is to effect a societal change
>>much more profound than redrafting the law.
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>>>Does he not reject being labelled a theorist insisting that he is an
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>>> He says he is a theorist of the new social movements. So he lookes at
>>> prison riots, the feminists, the anti- medical movement etc. to see at
>>> point of oppression they start to problemize. Further his thesis is that
>>> can`t devide between power an knowledge. So he thinks that his ability
>>> problemize as a theorist is a function of these attacks against
>>> (or is it domination??? I am not a native speaker, too)
>>> Claudius
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>>> Betreff: RE: Problematizing
>>> It comes as a shock to me too O_O I just notice I searched under
>>> 'problematise', which is why the
>>> word is not found.
>>> Moving onto a slightly more general question: did Foucault simply
>>> out
>>> that our society
>>> problematized sexuality / homosexuality / madness etc? Or, did Foucault
>>> himself problematized
>>> the discourse/ history of these issues? (pretending that these subjects
>>> not seen as "problems"
>>> before Foucault pointed it out)
>>> -Cordelia
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>>> >The OED definition: problematize, v. Obs. rare-1. [f. as prec. + -ize.]
>>> >intr. To propound problems.
>>> >First recorded in 1630, which comes as a shock to me - I'd always
>>> it
>>> >had been invented be Foucault, or rather his translators. In
>>> >usage, I recognise it, with Larry, as meaning when one takes something
>>> be
>>> >a problem. Hence, our society problematizes sexuality, whereas previous
>>> >societies did not, or at least did so in a different way.
>>> >
>>> >Mark

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