[Foucault-L] Re : Jean-Luc Godard's revolutionary sexual politics and Foucault

Hi Michael. Err... Mister Bibby.

I'm close to having seen every film JLG has made to date but I promise, I'm trying to heal.

The links between both works are multiple.

Godard and Foucault's path "crossed" three times at least, though they never actually met : one time in Nanterres, another time in Vincennes, a third time trhough their maoist connections - each one having helped found the Agence de Presse Liberation then the Newspaper Liberation itself. This to show they actually inhabited the same "small world" (though they usually prowled on different "edges" of it).

On a side note : contrary to what another poster has said, Godard did catch "yellow fever" (he once described his "sonimage" years - 1973 to 1979 - as a form of convalescence), but he was never an "althusserian" - though in one film (and only ONE) he quotes Althusser famous essay ("Idéologie et appareils idéologiques d'état") but in his "unique" way (literalization, "bégaiement" and other things that would become prominent in his later works). That film was "Lotte in Italia" ('round 1970 : it was a "Dziga Vertocv Group" movie).

Troubling the order of speech has always been part of Godard's cinema : through the seventies it meant "giving back sounds and images to the bodies on which they have been taken" (as Serge Daney once put it) - a "care" very close to Foucault's own one in those years ("breaking the bars of silence", "ceasing to speak on behalf of others" among other keywords) - this care is, of course, more prominent in Godard's work for cinema once he broke free from maoism (again the "SONIMAGE" era) but was already in his work for the leftist press (between 1971 and 1973 IIRC).

I could make many other connections between those guys' work (especially their feel for what Foucault called "murmure", or their common defiance towards the notion of "information).

I'd like to elaborate on this later (but also on the fact that each man seem to have misunderstood the other's move - as is obvious from Godard's - public - comments over the years as well as Foucault - private - ones).

Like Mrs O'Farell I've got to get closer to my documentation first.


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As yet, I have not heard these names mentioned in
connection with each other. This is an invitation to
establish such a connection extended to those who may
see one, or to point to a place where such has already
been formed. My suspicion is that there is much to say
here and that much has already been said. No doubt,
they were at least aquainted with one anothers work;
did one ever comment upon the other directly?

Court fate with a felicitious grace, Michael.

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