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it was dem femonologist wot done it...govnor...

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> On Wed, 2010-02-17 at 19:52 -0600, Chetan Vemuri wrote:
>> "Foucault's Missing Ontology"
> That would also be a good title for a mystery
> novel.
> "He'd had it, his ontology, when he entered the room.
> Of that much Foucault was certain. He clearly recalled
> the tug of its weight in his pocket. Even now how could
> still feel the smooth coolness of its polished surfaces
> against his fingertips when he had slipped imperceptibly into
> the party, enveloped in words, borne way beyond all
> possible beginnings.
> He surmised that one of the guests at the party at
> taken it, for surely, it would not casually fall out
> of his pocket. But who? And why?
> Was it Rabinow with his neurotic tendency to gather
> up souvenirs? Chompsky, who he suspected of still
> smoldering with professional indignation after their
> last encounter? Neither seemed likely for he knew
> both to be honorable men. He struggled to put these
> paranoid notions out of his head. 'No,' he thought
> to himself, 'I can not discover the true cause of my
> Ontology's disappearance by examining the matter
> purely within the historically contingent logic of the
> discourse of our petty squabbles. I must somehow step
> outside all of that and rid myself of a whole mass of notions,
> each of which, in its own way, diversifies the theme of
> theme of continuity.' He tried to concentrate on
> the discontinuity, the rupture that the loss of his Ontology
> represented.
> Later, Foucault would consult with his editor over the
> loss. He would lament 'Without my Ontology, how can
> I go to the police? Without my Ontology, I won't
> even be able to say, in any meaningful way, that
> it even ever existed!' And he would slam the flat of his
> palm against the table.
> His editor would lean back in his chair and stare for
> a moment at Foucault. He would slowly let out a long
> breath before inhaling and finally beginning to speak.
> 'Perhaps you should pursue that thought.'"
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