[Foucault-L] Giddens and Durkheim

Is anyone on here familiar much with the work of Anthony Giddens and
Emile Durkheim?
Some readers tend to conflate Durkheim's sociology and Giddens theory
of agency with Foucault's notion of fluid power and think that all are
somehow related. While there are similarities, I would think Giddens
criticizes aspects of Durkheim's positivist doctrine (or form what I
know of his work) and that Foucault is interested in non-duality of
power as opposed to Giddens more limited goal of challenging the
society (nurture) vs free human agency dichotomy.
Have you read much of either Giddens or Durkheim? Do you think they're
necessarily doing the same thing as Foucault? I know Foucault
recognized an ancestor in Max Weber, but he rarely mentions Durkheim.
Though that didn't stop Camille Paglia from twisting him into a
Durkheim copycat.

Chetan Vemuri
West Des Moines, IA
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