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Interesting questions, Chetan, as always. But what do you mean by
"non-duality of power"? And who are the readers who conflate Durkheim's
sociology with Foucault's notion of power?


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> Is anyone on here familiar much with the work of Anthony Giddens and
> Emile Durkheim?
> Some readers tend to conflate Durkheim's sociology and Giddens theory
> of agency with Foucault's notion of fluid power and think that all are
> somehow related. While there are similarities, I would think Giddens
> criticizes aspects of Durkheim's positivist doctrine (or form what I
> know of his work) and that Foucault is interested in non-duality of
> power as opposed to Giddens more limited goal of challenging the
> society (nurture) vs free human agency dichotomy.
> Have you read much of either Giddens or Durkheim? Do you think they're
> necessarily doing the same thing as Foucault? I know Foucault
> recognized an ancestor in Max Weber, but he rarely mentions Durkheim.
> Though that didn't stop Camille Paglia from twisting him into a
> Durkheim copycat.
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