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As many of you are no doubt aware, Jeremy Crampton has decided to take a break from the invaluable service he has been running since 2007 with his Foucault blog http://foucaultblog.wordpress.com Jeremy has started a new blog in relation to his other interests at http://opengeography.wordpress.com/

I have offered to take up the relay in terms of posting news about Foucault related matters. I know how much work Jeremy has put into this over the years, so I will see how long I can sustain it!

I have therefore created a new category on my blog at http://inputs.wordpress.com which will publicise any events and new publications relating in any way to Foucault's work

If you have any news about Foucault related activity which you would like to publicise please email me at c.ofarrell@xxxxxxxxxx

News can relate to:

*conferences, seminars, presentations

*publications - books and articles. These can either be directly about Foucault or apply some aspect of his work. Please feel free to send as much information as you like - for example summaries and abstracts

*any visual art exhibitions, performances or films which deal in some way with Foucault's work

*controversies around Foucault's work

*any other activity or events related to Foucault
Clare O'Farrell
email: c.ofarrell@xxxxxxxxxx
website: http://www.michel-foucault.com

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