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Dear Kevin,

Certainly the EW translation is better than the 'Afterword'.

The words 'aménager' and 'ménager' are actually closely related to the idea
of 'managing' - in the sense of arranging things in a way that is sensible,
best, most economical, etc - as in 'I think she managed that situation very
well'. In both French and English they have a lot of overlap with the Greek
concept of the oikonomia (household management). - think also of a

The idea of 'fit out' and 'lay out' refers to the way you might manage
space, for example, in your home or office, so I don't think it really works

It seems that F. is saying that the exercise of power consists, partly, in
making some things less likely and other things more likely - that might be
'arranging for' certain things to happen, but I would say that 'managing
possibilities' may be the least ambiguous translation.

I hope this helps,

On Mon, Sep 5, 2011 at 11:39 PM, Kevin Turner <kevin.turner@xxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> I have a translation question regarding ‘The Subject and Power.’
> In the original French the specific sentence reads:
> L'exercice du pouvoir consiste à « conduire des conduites » et à aménager
> la probabilité (Dits et Ecrits II, 2001 : # 306, 1056).
> In the ‘Afterword’ in Dreyfus and Rabinow’s book this sentence is
> translated as:
> ‘The exercise of power consists in guiding the possibility of conduct and
> putting in order the possible outcome’ (221).
> In Power, the third volume of Essential Works, it is translated differently
> as:
> ‘The exercise of power is a “conduct of conducts” and a management of
> possibilities’ (341).
> But I’m wondering about this word « aménager » which seems to be variously
> translated as: “to fit out,” “to lay out,” “to develop,” “to put out,” etc.
> So, could the sentence be translated as:
> The exercise of power consists in a “conduct of conducts” and (“the laying
> out” or “the development”) of probabilities.
> Regards,
> Kevin.
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