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This is where a Deleuzian interpretation may give you more metaphysical heft (more broad, but deeper). Sorry to not contribute to the question of translation, but I think the parallel theoretical system might help your analysis.

Such an interpretation would be: power is the ability to influence the conditions of other's behaviors.

In Massumi, Protevi, et al's complexity theory terms, that would be the ability to pattern phase space.

In Deleuzian terms it would be 'carving up the virtual realm,' given that one definition of the virtual is: the set of potential transformations in a material system.

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Kevin Turner wrote:
I have a translation question regarding ‘The Subject and Power.’

In the original French the specific sentence reads:
L'exercice du pouvoir consiste à « conduire des conduites » et à aménager la probabilité (Dits et Ecrits II, 2001 : # 306, 1056).

In the ‘Afterword’ in Dreyfus and Rabinow’s book this sentence is translated as: ‘The exercise of power consists in guiding the possibility of conduct and putting in order the possible outcome’ (221).

In Power, the third volume of Essential Works, it is translated differently as: ‘The exercise of power is a “conduct of conducts” and a management of possibilities’ (341).

But I’m wondering about this word « aménager » which seems to be variously translated as: “to fit out,” “to lay out,” “to develop,” “to put out,” etc.

So, could the sentence be translated as:
The exercise of power consists in a “conduct of conducts” and (“the laying out” or “the development”) of probabilities.


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