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Ann Stoler, in _Race and the Education of Desire_ has quite a bit to say
about this from an explicitly Foucauldian perspective.

On Wed, Feb 8, 2012 at 8:46 AM, Patrick Cox <ptcox@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> I'm looking for information about Foucault and "the family."
> Does he ever engage with "the family" as it either creates disciplined
> bodies, or how it relates to un-disciplined bodies? At the moment I think I
> recall something in Abnormal about parents and "the masturbator" and I'll
> look this up. But does he ever go into how social power exerts itself via
> the family?
> Does he deal with the break down of families? Does he deal with how "the
> family" might be invoked discursively as a method of discipline? Do the
> family law scholars who engage with Foucault apply him to the family?
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