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The lecture series, Psychiatric Power has quite a bit to say about the family. There are some remarks about the difference between the family power structure and the state power structure, and how the state must leave the family as the only place where the power of the king operates. The father is the king and the family the subjects. He says something about how an Enlightenment period egalitarianism does not work in the family, and so corrodes the possibility of training children.


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On Feb 7, 2012, at 9:16 PM, Patrick Cox wrote:

> I'm looking for information about Foucault and "the family."
> Does he ever engage with "the family" as it either creates disciplined
> bodies, or how it relates to un-disciplined bodies? At the moment I think I
> recall something in Abnormal about parents and "the masturbator" and I'll
> look this up. But does he ever go into how social power exerts itself via
> the family?
> Does he deal with the break down of families? Does he deal with how "the
> family" might be invoked discursively as a method of discipline? Do the
> family law scholars who engage with Foucault apply him to the family?
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