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For further information on the Foucault/Habermas debate, see *Critique and
Power: Recasting the Foucault/Habermas Debate,* edited by Michael Kelly
(Cambridge: MIT Press, 1994).
Also, Thomas McCarthy and David Couzens Hoy have jointly authored a volume
entitled *Critical Theory* (Blackwell, 1994) which is set up as a debate
between thoughtful adherents of these two perspectives. There is much
information on this subject (not all of it clear and/or helpful) which I have
discovered in preparation for a graduate seminar on the Foucault/Habermas
debate which I will teach this fall. These books (not to exclude the fine
article by David Ingram in the *Cambridge Companion to Foucault* which Stephen
Katz mentioned) offer some of the best background and exposition I have found.
Happy hunting.
--Scott Moore

Scott H. Moore, Ph.D.
Department of Philosophy, Baylor University
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