Re: Why Moderation?/ Cash flows

Question: Property and propriety?

Who pays for list, how much and funding is from where. And what is
meritocracy but arbitrary concept used to whack the guy (Daniel Haines ??)
who was asking good questions...

Property breeds paranoias == limits -- securties -- limits of the 'room' of
the idea.

A Chris Jones -- let it be well. You seem like one riding the flight lines
to the schizoanalytic limit.

Authenticites have nothing to do with Jean Genet's texts. As a matter of
observation, they are based on the contraire. They are fakes and are meant
to make you think otherwise... pasted jewels. What betrayal and
homosexuality for Genet was that -- to fake to mislead, to dance you the
reader. Maybe you did not read him yet?? Try he is the best worst. No
question of goodness and humanism there, but terror. Especially at the end.
The beauty of terror and the terror of the brutal.

Je pense, that Charmaine knew very well my raison d'etre to say cunt. She
laughed. That was smart. A street wise crack brought out classist reactions
from some here. So good -- may they learn. Passion, well that was good. I
liked that flow. It was very learning like you think, no?? A collective is
not a democracy, no? Who pays for this space of lists? No one ever said. So
repress is what is needed. Repress yourself. Silence . Ending the memoire of
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