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>Guys, you know the good brasilian band "Sepultura"?
>Yes, i know, you dont. But those guys had a song named
>"war for teritory". So the video of the song was: the
>singer lies in the dirt of the dead sea in Israel and
>sings "war for teritory" - that is what it is in
>Israel - war for teritory . Nothing more. Absolutely
>nothing much : no racisms, nationalisms, ethnicisms,
>wierd stuff.

Yeah Sepultura rocks! Some of their stuff is almost as insane as the metal
out of Germany.
I wrote a review of their latest album not too long ago. You know, the one
called, Nation...
My fave tracks were Border Wars, The Ways of Faith, Who Must Die? and Tribe
to a Nation. They were hot. Don't really like the new singer much though...

It is almost as if the conflict in the middle east is less about border wars
but more on the ways of faith. Rather borders that have been reteritorilized
as borders of faith. Here I suddenly think of nuts blowing up US Fed
buildings for the sake of the US people, like everything bullet fired or
bomb exploded reasserts the 'truth' of a cause, or, maybe, the purpose for
trigger puller's or button pusher's existence.

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