Re: Citation help needed

Thank you for your help, Matthew.

To your aside--I had spent quite some time searching the internet trying to
find it, but could come up with nothing. Apparently your search skills are
superior to mine. So sorry if it was an inconvenience.

>Aside: funny how you could have found this yourself by poking around the
>web for five or ten minutes (as I just did), but then we (particularly I)
>would have missed out on this serendipitous little odyssey--on which I
>learned, among other things, that some believe Eco's book _Foucault's
>Pendulum_ really to be about our Foucault. Then again, maybe my time
>really would've been better spent reading Being & Time, which is what I
>had meant to be doing now. ;)

Tony Slagle, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Communication
Department of English, Humanities
University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras
San Juan, PR 00931

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