Re: Citation help needed

On Thu, 22 May 2003, Tony Slagle wrote:

> Thank you for your help, Matthew.

You're welcome!

> To your aside--I had spent quite some time searching the internet trying to
> find it, but could come up with nothing. Apparently your search skills are
> superior to mine. So sorry if it was an inconvenience.

If it was an inconvenience, I wouldn't have done it! Maybe it was All Too
Convenient for me to do it instead of reading Being & Time (oh, the snares
of Curiosity) ... but I'm not blaming you for that! (Obviously, if
anyone's to *blame*, it's me--and it's not so clear that internet search
skills are such a *good* thing to have.) Anyway, the real point of my
aside was something kind of like--

"what we don't know is what what we do does",

or rather a propos to this case, what we don't know is what what we don't
do could have done if we'd done it.... (To what extent is the internet
destroying the "community of scholars" (that "warm and tender
freemasonry", eh?) by reducing the need to approach other human beings
with queries such as yours?)

And since I, at least (I don't know if anyone else cares to follow along
with this), am afforded the opportunity to think about this by your query,
all the better (for me, at least) that you made it!


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