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>From: Lionel Boxer <lboxer@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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>Subject: Foucault and excellence
>Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2003 12:21:00 +1100
>Over the past few years I have come to see Foucault's ideas as providing
>great insight into how people deal with the problems they face. Achieving
>excellence in the face of crisis could be discussed in terms of Foucault.
>I invite members of this list to consider submitting a paper along those
>lines. From the discussions I have watched on this list, many people are
>involved in some sort of research that fits this theme.
>Perhaps one could even discuss the human frailty that leads to the pursuit
>of excellence and that mediocrity is a more natural state for people. It
>certainly seems that way inside my university these days, as the quest to
>resolve a $10,000,000 financial crisis has led - in some cases - to the
>reduction of excellence to mediocrity.
>Lionel Boxer - 0411267256 - lboxer@xxxxxxxxxxx
>In 1976 Michale Foucualt said: ... terrorism ... has a totally opposite
>effect which is to make the bourgeois class even more closely attached to
>its ideology ... (original in French) 'Le Savoir Comme Crime'
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