Re: Chaos AD in the neighbourhood

No, the arabs want to setle in some place, but the
problem is that the jews want to live in the same
neighbourhood - and there goes the fight. Do You know
how bad is to try to share your neighbourhood with
arabs. I dont wish you to try that. Those guys in
England also dont want to share their neighbourhoods
with arabs
(Stock-on-trend, if i am not mistaking)

By the way : In 15 of july many years ago The
Crusaders invaded and entered Jerusalem :)) what a

--- Glen Fuller <spacedet@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> >Guys, you know the good brasilian band "Sepultura"?
> >Yes, i know, you dont. But those guys had a song
> named
> >"war for teritory". So the video of the song was:
> the
> >singer lies in the dirt of the dead sea in Israel
> and
> >sings "war for teritory" - that is what it is in
> >Israel - war for teritory . Nothing more.
> Absolutely
> >nothing much : no racisms, nationalisms,
> ethnicisms,
> >wierd stuff.
> Yeah Sepultura rocks! Some of their stuff is almost
> as insane as the metal
> out of Germany.
> I wrote a review of their latest album not too long
> ago. You know, the one
> called, Nation...
> My fave tracks were Border Wars, The Ways of Faith,
> Who Must Die? and Tribe
> to a Nation. They were hot. Don't really like the
> new singer much though...
> It is almost as if the conflict in the middle east
> is less about border wars
> but more on the ways of faith. Rather borders that
> have been reteritorilized
> as borders of faith. Here I suddenly think of nuts
> blowing up US Fed
> buildings for the sake of the US people, like
> everything bullet fired or
> bomb exploded reasserts the 'truth' of a cause, or,
> maybe, the purpose for
> trigger puller's or button pusher's existence.
> Glen.
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